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Another rodeo year is almost over for the NANCA Association.  A big thank you to all the members, contestants and their families that travel with them all year long.  Thank you to the Committees that hosted rodeos throughout the spring and summer, and a huge thank you to the Samson Rodeo Committee that hosted the 2017 Finals.  It was a fantastic send off for our INFR qualifiers, and from a secretary perspective, the best office ever 🙂

Thank you to my helpers in the office, especially Valena, and those that just pop in to offer help if required.  I wish all our qualifiers the best success at the 2017 INFR.

Qualifiers please have all you paperwork and US money order payable to INFR to me no later than September 29, 2017.  If you choose to send it directly to INFR, please let me know.  Paperwork is posted on the INFR page here or on the infr.org website.

Please mail to: 6313-50A Street Close  Ponoka, AB  T4J 1E5.  You may email your paperwork to: cynthiabull@telus.net

Please welcome the new NANCA Board members                                                  President Marcel Saulteaux                                                                                                Vice-President Dennis Ward                                                                                        Secretary/Treasurer Cynthia Bull                                                                                Timed Event Reps Keith Johnson & Darrell Taypotat                                                Rough Stock Reps Jason Rabbit & Billy Turner

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